The Snack Industry Analysis

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The product is a line of snack chips. These can be created out of any base starch, including potato which is common in America, but we can also use rice for Japan because Japanese people like rice. The chips will be seasoned with healthy-all natural seasonings that emulate the favorite flavors of the target market. They will be packaged in small bags that represent a single serving size. While Americans prefer larger sized bags, people in other countries prefer smaller bags. Also, smaller sizes are healthier and Japanese people prefer to eat healthier than Americans (Marchiori, Waroquier & Klein, 2011). Also Japanese people live in tiny apartments so they do not have room for giant bags of snacks. In total, the line will probably have between 6-10 SKUs in order to take up more shelf space and also to meet the high demand expected. The service component of the product is that it fills your stomach. By providing this service, the snacks will allow for more clear thinking, especially in the afternoon hours. This service is provided to students especially, but also office workers, who in Japan must work very long hours. There is little doubt that if the snack was only tasty, it would still be popular, but by providing a valuable service that can boost one's grades or income level. There is definitely a plan to extend this product into a full line. Most snack food companies do this for a couple of reasons. The first is that they want to take up more shelf space, which

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