The Sniper And The Last Spin By Evan Hunter

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In the texts “The sniper” written by Liam O’Flaherty and “The last spin” written by Evan Hunter, I will be analysing how the theme of loss of identity can relate to society and also how these two short texts are similar in a way to the theme of loss of identity.

In the short text “The sniper” written by Liam O’Flaherty, it takes place in Dublin, Ireland during the Irish civil war in 1992 and is about a soldier who is on a rooftop with a rifle trying to kill any enemy he sees, throughout the text this soldier is trying to kill the enemy who is on a rooftop on the opposite side of the street from him. The way that the theme of loss identity was displayed through this is the way how your personal identity does not exist during a war, in the text
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This short text is about two different club members, Tigo and Danny, who are chosen by their clubs to settle their differences between each other by playing a game of Russian roulette. The way that loss of identity is displayed through this text is that their clubs determine who Tigo and Danny are and what they do, this made it look like that they could not be their own person, this is shown through “The jacket told Danny that Tigo was his enemy. The jacket shrieked, “Enemy, Enemy!” and “is that I just happened to be picked for this, you know? Like to settle these things that’s between the two clubs”. These quotes showed how much their clubs have an influence on them. Danny does not know anything about Tigo besides that he is in the rival gang so straight away Danny considers Tigo an enemy instead of a complete stranger also it seems like Danny’s and Tigo’s club or club leader get to decide what they do with their lives even if it means their life is on the line. In society these days, clubs or gangs would usually have a big influence on the members in them or people around them, for example, someone in a gang leader may say to one of the members to go and beat someone up from their rival gang because they want them to, this would show that member would only be considered as a pawn in their gang leaders “game” and like the text “The sniper”, Danny’s and Tigo’s personal identity does not matter in their club until the end where they realise that just because they are from rival club and they were picked by their club leader’s to do their dirty work, it does not mean that Danny and Tigo do not have a choice of doing what they think is right or
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