The Sniper By Hanna Mendel And The IRA Sniper

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I got an A on my history test in eighth grade without studying for it. The night before had been really busy and I did not have enough time to do any studying so I was extremely nervous walking into history to take the test. Luckily for me, I remembered enough of the information that I was able to pass my test with a perfect score. Intelligence can be shown in many different ways, including plans, and grades. Two characters I read about shared this trait, Hanna Mendel from Playing for the commandant by Suzy Zail and the IRA sniper from “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty. Hanna Mendel and the IRA sniper are both intelligent because the sniper is able to think quickly of a plan that will save his life and Hanna uses her intelligence to get good grades in school, and to avoid being shot. Hanna is intelligent because she was a straight A student, and knows how to stay out of trouble in the camp so that she does not get killed. For example “I wasn’t a troublemaker. I was a straight A student” (Zail 3). This shows that Hanna is intelligent and probably uses her time well because straight A’s take a lot of hard work and effort. Another example of Hanna’s intelligence is “He pointed his rifle at me. ‘The commandant sent for me.’ The lie came easy. ‘I’m his pianist.’ He checked my number against the list on his clipboard and waved me through” (Zail 193). This shows that Hanna is intelligent because if she had not lied about the commandant sending for her, she would have

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