The Sniper Chapter Summary

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The team's first mission began when both Anderson and Aegon started walked deeper into the tunnel. Other members of the group started to follow both Spectres, including another Alliance soldier. Rol'Naaris worked with dozens of Alliance soldiers during his time at Alexandria and came to respect them. It was good to see one of Earth's finest on this team. Even know she was not on the infiltration team, most of the team mates were fine in Rol's book. He started the long walk across the darkness as he got his sniper rifle ready for any sort of fighting. Several minutes of walking led the group to a small enough crack in the wall for them to crawl through. One by one, almost all of them went through the crack and Rol was the last one before he made his way. He wanted to be careful about accidentally damaging his suit. After all, he still was a quarian. On the other side, there was a door that led to the hidden base. When Rol'Naaris joined the others, the door began to open as a tall Turian female stood on the other side. Anderson introduced her as Alria Vicrinus, another additional to the crew. Rol did not have time to get a clear reading of Alria because Anderson started to give out orders. Everyone was apart of watching someone's back while Rol'Naaris had to guard the door. Simple enough.…show more content…
Anderson gave new orders to everyone, including Rol and Sicaria to fight rear-guard with the Spectre. He raced down the hallway and saw the group of scientists along with Phalanx and Raye. Rol held onto his sniper rifle and got into position as the rear-guard began to fire on the massive wave of husk. He crouched down with one knee on the ground and aimed his sniper rifle towards the crowd. It was easy enough to do. Just aim, breathe, and pull the trigger. He saw the thing going down with the instant kill shot in the head. He did that for a few minutes until Rykarn suggested to collapse the tunnel, trapping those freaks in their
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