The Snow Capped Peak Feeds

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A barely visible path, wanders through the dark and treacherous woods. Travelers walking this path gets weary and sad as the path is not easy to walk. It wanders seemingly forever; up a very steep mountain. Many travelers give up and turn back to an easier path, yet many still try to reach the top of the mountain. The woods are so dense that the travelers can’t see the top of the mountain; they can only see a little part of where they’re going, and sometimes the path almost disappear. Many a traveler have lost their way on this path, wandering lost in the woods, for a long time before finding it again. On this path there is a stream, it flow from the top of the mountain. The snow-capped peak feeds it with sweet tasting water, which…show more content…
The stone patiently listened lending them its strength and the essence of the stream, so that they can walk refreshed once more. Year after year the stone stood proud with joy, yet slowly more travelers came, and the stream did not wash the mud left on the rock by their feet, as fast as it had before. Slowly the stone started to wonder at the reason it was there. Why it would lie there, to be stepped on to help the travelers with its steady foundation. Every day the stone watched the travelers pass, and with time every step from the travelers began to hurt, the mud from their feet grinding into its surface scratching it, leaving marks on the stone. The travelers praised the stream for its service, and beauty, before moving on. None of them ever realizing that the stone was also of service to them. If the stone was not there they would not have been able to step over the stream, keeping their feet dry. As the path is not complete yet, and walking it with wet feet will cause them pain. Sadness grew in the heart of the stone, waking in it a yearning to not be what it is. To abandon its purpose; as its purpose is not needed. Slowly using the flow of the stream and the weight of the travelers as they stepped on it; the stone started to shift, loosening the foundation it rested on. One night a storm raged increasing the flow of the stream, the stone succeeded. The rushing water rolled the stone further downstream away
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