The Snow Queen At Mcgraw Elementary School

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At 7:00pm on the 30th of March, I had the opportunity to attend Ms. Harrison 's 5th graders perform, “The Snow Queen” at McGraw Elementary School. This performance was classified as an original musical. However, I would categorize this type of program as a story-based program. The majority of each scene consisted of spoken dialogue, acting and dance scenes. There was beautiful scenery and costumes that were presented during this program as well. Since there were only two scenes that involved singing, it was difficult to gage the level of musicianship the students had. In addition, the two scenes that involved singing, were done by the same two girls. However, the students were able to show their musicianship in other ways like dancing.…show more content…
This dance was impressively in sync with the pre-recorded track and with one another. The couples had to dance together, lift one another off of the ground, use umbrella and others props, and stay in sync with everyone. In order for this to be successfully performed, the students had to know every step, transition, and rhythm like the back of their hand. The students were in sync with one another and danced with ease. The performance was so well done, it looked extremely easy and relaxed to the audience members. I personally was in awe by the advanced level and ability they were able to present. Throughout this program, every student had their lines memorized to the fullest extent. There was never a moment where a student had a script or even someone to feed them lines if they forgot what they were supposed to say. If a student made a mistake or forgot a line, they were always able to move forward and get back on track. There was a large amount of speaking throughout each role, and every student did an excellent job remembering their lines and speaking with emotion and clear articulation. The students also had cordless microphones attached to them in order for the audience to hear them. Throughout the program, the microphones worked well and were at an appropriate volume where the audience could hear and understand the words they stated, without it being over amplified. However, there were a few times when the
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