The, Snow White Or Peter Pan

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My mother would always read to me before bed, yet not typical kids’ stories such as Cinderella, Snow White or Peter Pan. But rather wisdom thoughts and stories of Aristotle, Plato, Omar Khayyam, Abay, more modern writers, Robin Sharma and Louise Hay. As a mother, she has a masters in Language and Philosophy. She is constantly reading whether it is an article on her phone, a daily newspaper or a book that she has bought yesterday. She would always sit on the brown leathered sofa and wear her golden framed glasses on and a very focused yet relaxed expression. As I sat watching her read, she became my role model. I would settle down next to her, wearing fake black framed glasses with no lenses and read, just to seem a little bit like her. To…show more content…
It felt very comfortable and I was feeling euphoric. I knew that my favorite subject was English.
By the age of 10, I was fluent in three different languages. Every time I attended Schools in Kazakhstan, In the class of 32 pupils who grew up together from the first grade. In their sight, I was an abnormal child. Furthermore Russian schools (schools that are bilingual Russian and Kazakh) had a very rigorous environment, and a difficult attitude towards learning, at least that was my opinion. I had to write two essays on Kazakh and Russian, reside a one page poem by Alexander Pushkin, and learn the new math solving strategies, due to a parallel study of geometry and algebra. With the overwhelming course work, my schedule was somewhat like this:
8am- Russian language ; 9am- Russian literature ; 10am- Kazakh language ; 11am- Kazakh literature ; 12pm-12:30pm Lunch ; 1pm- 3pm – Geometry and Algebra ; 4pm- British English; 5pm- Geography ; 6pm- History of Kazakhstan
I faced an oblivion. I wrote Russian words with English letters or English words with Kazakh letters. The grammar for every language is completely different and has individual complexity, for example: Russian has Cyrillic alphabet, three genders for verbs and nouns. Kazakh has Cyrillic alphabet, soft and strong vowels, and complex sentence structure. Even though I was made fun of, I would continually ignore my odious peers. I
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