The Snows of Kilimanjaro

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It is my claim that Ernest Hemingway's piece, "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is most effective at showing how trivial life can be as it regards to what people think is needed to be successful in life for three main reasons. The reasons are that people put too much time into achieving unrealistic goals, people get too involved in obtaining their goals and do not appreciate what they have, and people have the wrong idea about success and can not obtain true success with the wrong vision of what it is. Some people put too much time into achieving their unrealistic goals, and never realize them and then end up wasting most of their life and lively hood in search of their personal success. Those same people also never stop to appreciate what they…show more content…
She is precisely identical with the gangrenous leg, and hence with the vultures and hyena. All of these are the forces of death in all its forms: moral death, artistic death, physical death. They all add meaning to this piece and make it more intriguing to read. I support the assumptions made in this work of how every person tries to see where there their life went wrong when on their death bed. Every person who knows that they are going to die very soon, will look back at their life to see how they lived it. Weather every person will regret what they have done or if they will regret that they have yet to do depends on the person. However, every person who sees death in the near future will look back on their life and have some form of regret. Hemingway's work is most effective in showing how trivial life is in terms of what people feel is needed to be successful. The time that people put into achieving unrealistic goals can be a waste of time and the person's livelihood. Many people believe that having lots of money or fame is what is needed to be successful. So many people spend their whole lives trying to realize their dream and end up achieving nothing. They waste their lives to get this success and when it is over they have nothing to show for their life except regret. Some people do get fortunate enough to achieve those goals but most do not. Even if one spends most of their live trying to
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