The Sobrevivirs Family

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In the small town of Klid, in the country of Iroblos, lived a small Sapporian family named the Sobrevivirs. Sapporianity was a religion that was very different it while the citizens of Iroblos were ducks, when praying the Sapporians transformed from ducks into swans. The Sobrevivirs family consisted Dal, Saundarya, and Kusog. Dal was a very hardworking mother who made her money by transforming into a swan and performing at concerts and special occasions. Kusog was a very disciplined father who received income by working in the local coal mine. Saundarya was a very talented, driven teenager that hoped to take after her mother by becoming a singer. One day Saundarya burst through the door with tears pouring down her bill. Dal looked up confused and asked her daughter “What is wrong my sweet Swan?” Saundarya struggled to get her words out through the staggered breaths but managed to say, “The people at school are being mean to me and making fun of me!” Dal, still confused, asked why the children would make fun of her. Saundarya’s response came as a surprise to Dal. “The kids were calling me bad words and making fun of me because I am Sapporian” Dal was very setback. The thought that children could be instilled with hatred and discrimination at such a young age scared her. Dal…show more content…
Because of the economic turmoil, the Irublese people had an extreme government in power because of their promise to put Irublos back on its feet again. This group was called the Gorrotoa. The Gorrotoas were very powerful looking people, because they resembled vultures. The Gorrotoa were led by a man named Ahuntz. Ahuntz was a very influential man with the manipulative capabilities to brainwash a whole nation, and he did just that. He convinced the Irublese people that the loss of the war and the downfall of the economy was the Sapporians
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