The Social Acceptance Of Alcohol

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INTRODUCTION: The social acceptance of alcohol all over the world, whether it be social or cultural, is the leading cause of why alcohol addiction is so prevalent especially in the United States. Alcohol is the second leading cause of death in the US and one of the most abused drugs worldwide. It is the “third leading preventable cause of death in the United States” with “nearly 88,000 peaople” dying from it annually (Alcohol Facts and Statistics). There are many facts and statistics that are available throughout the internet and pamphlets that are passed around in school, however, this does not seem to scare those away from binge drinking. Drinking too much has many harmful effects on many of your body’s organs and immune system and can increase the risk of many cancers such as liver, breast, and esophagus cancers. To many people, alcohol is not a serious issue especially because it is used so commonly but thousands and thousands of people are killed throughout the United States every year because of this preventable issue. As a public health provider, I believe that alcohol abuse is a detriment to our society because of how many lives are taken from it. Alcohol addiction can cause many health problems and personality changes that not only affects one person, but can also affect their friends and family. The problem that makes alcohol addiction so frustrating is that it is completely preventable because of the resources that are available to help a person quit.
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