The Social Aid Regulation Reform

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During the period of 1984 to 1989 under section 29(a) of the Social Aid Regulation, the Quebec government provided those who were single, unemployed, and under the age of 30 with only $170 per month in social assistance, amounting to merely one third of its regular benefits. Full time benefits were only available to those over the age of 30 while benefits for those 30 and under were conditioned on the participation of government employability programs. The objective of the Social Aid Regulation was to encourage youth to either find work or attend school. Louise Gosselin was living in Quebec, was under 30 and was unable to find work or go to school. She was therefore in the unfortunate position of having scarce financial resources. She was homeless periodically, lived in an unheated apartment for a winter and when she rented a room at a boarding house it left her no money for food. As a result Louise Gosselin was subjected to selling herself. Gosselin brought a class action lawsuit against the Quebec government challenging the 1984 social assistance scheme on behalf of all welfare recipients under the age of 30 for violation of section 15 equality rights and section 7 security rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She also challenged social rights in section 45 of the Quebec Chart. Gosselin ordered that the Quebec government reimburse all affected welfare recipients for the difference between what they actually received and what they would have received had they
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