The Social Alcohol Network : Exploring The Competing Roles Of Social Stigma Essay

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The Social Alcohol Network: Exploring the competing roles of social stigma and the celebration of youth drunkenness through the use of social networking sites and the impact of alcohol brands. 1. Introduction Concern regarding alcohol consumption amongst youth is not a new issue – New Zealand has a long-standing history of alcohol consumption, and the risks and benefits of alcohol consumption have been well documented (McEwan, et al. 2010). On one hand it is seen in a positive light as a social enabler, with changes in the New Zealand law allowing restaurants to obtain BYO licences – resulting in an apparent increase in people socialising over alcohol (McEwan, et al. 2010). On the other hand, it is viewed negatively, as excessive alcohol consumption causes considerable physical and social harm. This is evident in the current news reports, the latest being in Dunedin where a male student damaged cars including an ambulance and caused harm to the driver (ODT, 2014). Both views, positive and negative are also reflected in the thoughts of many New Zealanders today. Williams (2012) highlights the disparities of views between those who are 50 years or older, and those aged 30 or younger. The older group believes that New Zealanders in general, and particularly the younger demographic have a problem with alcohol consumption. Those in the younger group acknowledge that New Zealanders drink excessively, though many argued that New Zealand was no different to any other country in

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