The, Social, And Cultural Evidence That Has Documented The Nature Of The Dog

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Considering the anthropological, social and cultural evidence that has documented the nature of the relationship since the canine was domesticated, what has man learned from his dealings with this unusually loyal of best friends? It is that a dog does not choose you, any more than he or she controls you. Having a dog and imbuing on it the indelible print of dominance is not a form of heinous control, but rather a social baring that the dog needs and wants as much as you need a good dog. Responsibility is point number one. Choosing the right dog, to begin with, is the key to how your relationship is going to work out. If you live in a tiny, cramped, but oh so posh, Manhattan apartment, a Bull Mastiff may not be the ideal pooch for you. If you have your mail forwarded to your office, because you 're there most of the week, then perhaps a wound up, toy dog shouldn 't be wandering the confines of your lonely house. Consider what your life is like. Take into account that your lifestyle needs to mirror the bred personality traits that your dogs already has. You 're not going to make a dog 's genes bend to your will, no matter how hard you try, so, as your first step, do your research; your patience and your dog will reward you, in the end. That apartment we talked about earlier, it 's yours? You should consider adopting Greyhound. Not only could you save the life of something that gave years of its life to degenerate gamblers, but they 're pretty much genetically configured to

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