The Social And Cultural Profile Of The Family

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The Social and Cultural Profile of the Family Most of Myanmar/Burma is Buddhist. The Saw family is Christian of the Presbyterian denomination. My church, Paulin Memorial Presbyterian, sponsored much of the Saw family to come over to Canada. Tha Hser said that the country’s persecution of the Christian religion was not the reason he left Myanmar. He said the reason he left was “politics”. He went on to say that “It is messed up over there . . . it is much better over here”. 89 per cent of Myanmar is Buddhist (, n.d.). Schooling is mandatory in Myanmar only until age nine; however, they have many universities which is surprising considering it is a small country (Wikipedia, 2008). This is probably due to the country’s large population. With more globalization it seems to me that Myanmar’s economy may grow like its neighbors China and India. There has been a big push for English in Myanmar’s schools (Wikipedia, 2008), and I don’t know if this has been a remnant of English colonization or if it is sparked by a desire to be like China since I have heard there are many private English schools in China. In 2002, Tha Hser came to Canada with his mother and three sisters as refugees. Tha Hser met Larcapaw in Thailand. They got married in 2004, and she came to Canada in 2005. Tha Hser marrying Larcapaw enabled her to come to Canada as a family re-unification immigrant. A push factor for the Saws to leave Myanmar was that Myanmar is so corrupt.
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