The Social And Economic Aspects Of Labor Overseas

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For the past few years there has been a rise of awareness of major western corporations that tend to exploit their workers in third world countries. On one hand it’s significantly cheaper having labor overseas than back home, but the treatment of these workers ' is unjust. All these major companies care about is making a quick buck, they could care less how these workers are treated, the conditions they work in, and how it is affecting their way of living. The way these major companies treat their workers not only affects them emotionally, but also affects their life in the social and economic aspect.
Worker exploitation has always been present in societies all over the world, but more specifically in third world countries as of late. Many of these major western companies, such as the fashion industry, take advantage of the cheap labor that is provided overseas. On one hand it’s beneficial for companies in an economic aspect to use labor overseas, but in a social aspect it’s very detrimental to these very same societies. These major companies essentially come into these individuals lives and take control of every aspect of it economically, socially, and psychologically. In fact, with such a rise in worker exploitation it has even been considered as a term for modern-day slavery.
Furthermore, the reasoning behind this assumption is that the exploitation of workers as modern-day slavery is due to the circumstances these workers must deal with. One aspect is that due to their
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