The, Social, And Social Justice Warrior

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Amidst the seas of stereotypes, it can be difficult to sort out what society upholds as rude, polite, or appropriate. Certain groups staunchly defend what they consider "politically correct," generally disregarding being inconsiderate themselves. I find the assertiveness of such people detrimental to their cause as well as a nuisance to the very people they try to defend, as not everyone with a minority disadvantage will agree with an SJW 's (or "social justice warrior") approach. Various regional, cultural, and dialectal differences across communities convolute the circumstances even further. For these reasons, I often ignore the ramblings of feminists and gender identity activists when their messages of overgeneralized stereotype-breaking become hateful and target another group. SJWs troll the Internet and do not successfully sustain an environment without stereotypes. As I stated before, not every socially disadvantaged person will agree with an SJW’s agenda, and whether the SJW experiences the same disadvantage or not, he or she cannot speak on the behalf of that entire community. This is why I say their efforts to break stereotypes instead serve to overgeneralize such populations: "I want all non-binary people to be called such-and-such a name because this is what my community calls them and is also what they all want to be called." While participating in an online gaming community, I joined an LGBT+ chat where a few of these so-called SJWs attended. Despite my
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