The Social Aspect Of School

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Experts of sociology recognize five social institutions that have occurred in other civilization’s example government, religion, education, economics, and family. Two specific functions of schooling greatly influenced my identity; these functions are socialization and future preparation. The social aspect of school is very important. This is how we meet others and how we learn the ways of our society, religion, and our country. We learn what is appropriate and what is not, how to behave with others and how to develop our values. The text mentions a "hidden curriculum (p.416)," which is the "unstated standards of behavior or teacher 's expectations." School prepares us not only for our educational future, but also our social future. Gender, race ethnicity, and social class make an individual unique in who they will become and how they learn. Gender treatment affects a person’s education, treatment in society, and work environment. Gender discrimination can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race and ethnicity. Gender is a main belief in society it categorizes people into male and female, masculine and feminine. (Person learning) An individual who doesn’t emulate the stereotype of their gender roles, public reactions towards the individual can vary from humiliating to violence. Having my peers, teachers and adults treat me different than others has the ability to make you feel isolated and ostracized. Gender role socialization, which almost always includes some degree
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