The Social Aspects Of Gender In No Country For Old Men

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What is gender and how is gender determined? Gender is the way humans are categorized into a culture and is also the key to the entrance of a society. The two common genders that are recognizable throughout every culture across the world are male and female. Commonly, gender is decided quickly after birth, or sometimes even before birth, by using the parts of one’s anatomy to categorize the new born. What the new born doesn’t know is that once they grow up, they will have to abide by a set of rules to stay in their gender grouping, male or female. All too commonly, though, it can be seen that once the males grow up, they gain a sense of power, this power being one that shadows the females and leaves the females empty handed compared to the males, the so called superior breed. The film No Country for Old Men by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen illustrates that men are dominant over men, but most importantly, men are dominant over women, which parallels with Aaron H. Devor’s essay, “Becoming Members of Society: Learning the Social Meanings of Gender”. Furthermore, the film presents the idea that when males are given too much power, they turn into a feared monster that is a desired, which is fulfilled by fear and attraction. One specific scene from No Country for Old Men illustrates the domination of men over women in the patriarchy system through the use of dialogue, and the tone the actors use to convey the dialogue. Carla Jean Moss, the widow of Llewelyn Moss, walks into her bedroom
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