The Social Benefits of Legalization of Marijuana

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In the societies narcotics constituting taboo and users are isolated by societies. In our days narcotics are a tremendous problem with a lot of effects on the societies. I want to give the definition of Marijuana that is important for my research. “Marijuana is a mixture of leaves, stems and flowering tops of the hemp plant.”(Marijuana, 317). Today in most countries soft narcotics and especially narcotics like marijuana are illegal. Marijuana is a misunderstood drug that is thought of as dangerous but it isn’t. Because of people’s ignorance and gullibility marijuana has become illegal for all the wrong reasons and should be re-examined for legalization. Society today cannot understand that there has been a culture behind marijuana for many …show more content…
Moreover in a recent study of prisoners who have committed crimes like theft, robbery and burglary the results have shown that 33% of those crimes have been made in order to purchase drugs. In addition, these criminals are responsible for the 75% of all robberies, thefts and burglaries. Much research shows that when narcotics are cheap the rates of the drug related crimes decrease. Moreover, the legalization of marijuana will reduce the problem of overcrowded prisons and the numerous accusations against drug users. As it is referred by Nadelmann the U.S. national costs from 1981 to 1987 for law enforcements against drugs tripled from lower than 1 billion per year to 3 billions. In 1988 this amount was 6 billion. Moreover in 1986 local authorities spend 5 billion on anti-drug activities. Therefore in federal prisons the numbers of prisoners count for 33% of the 50.000 total cases, while prisoners for similar crimes in state prisons are 30.000. A similar situation takes place in courts, from the 583.000 cases the 135.000 are related to drug crimes. The costs for keeping in prisons all these people have become a tremendous amount. Despite of the money the criminality, neither the citizens nor the drug lords have felt no change. Today the annual arrests for violation of drug laws are more or less 750.000 in US. In particular, 75% of these are done by citizens who just possess small quantities for personal use. In most of the times the
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