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The social bond theory is one of many theories under the umbrella of control theories. Within the control theories, there is not an exact socio-historic background but there are few assumptions. Control theories take a different approach to crime than most other criminological theories. Instead of looking to solve the popular question of why people commit crimes, it looks to answer the question of why most people do not commit crimes. This theory believes criminal motivation is in fact not an individual trait, but instead a universal property. People aim to seek pleasure and without control, they will at all means. With that, there are two types of control a person can exhibit: personal and social. A person with high levels of personal…show more content…
The idea behind his theory states that social bonds tie individuals to conventional society, and when these bonds become weak or broken crime appears. Without a having a stake in conformity an individual does not have much to keep control in their life. When high levels of control are existent a psychological presence, known as indirect control, is enough to keep someone on the right track. For example when a kid is thinking of skipping school or stealing a candy bar, the thought that their parent or someone important in their life would find out could be enough to stop them from doing it. This can become another problem for people because without social or parental attachments, there may not be much preventing breakout of criminal activity. According to Hirschi there are four individual bonds a person has to conventional society. Attachment is the first of these. It is important to have someone that is always there for you, for children this often means having an attachment with a parent or parents. As kids age and their bonds to society weaken and criminal activity flourishes. As presented in figure 1., with some time stronger attachments form and criminal activity becomes less popular. Involvement with conventional society is another important bond. Having a place of acceptance such as a family environment, religious institution, school, and community organizations can be very

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