The Social Challenge of Adolescent Pregnancy

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Adolescent pregnancy The aggregate for this paper is the social challenge of adolescent pregnancy under which the paper and research in totality is seeking to unearth the likely propelling factors to the persistent increase in the adolescent pregnancy, the effects of this social challenge and the likely solutions that can help bring down the magnitude of the problem. Conceptual framework The conceptual framework here will be developed in line with Christoffel's three stages conceptual framework. These stages are the Information stage, the strategy stage and the Action stage (Christoffel K.K., 2000:723). Information stage Here, the manifest causes of the adolescent pregnancy menace will be identified and described in details in term of how these actions or conditions are directly or indirectly linked to the increase in the adolescent pregnancy. The magnitude of the adolescent pregnancy within the USA and the past trends will also be identified through government records and medical journals online. These will also show the extent of the problem in the contemporary society and the demographical changes in the occurrences and patterns of the adolescent pregnancy over the past decade. There will also be identification of the predisposing factors to this menace. At this stage, there will also be analysis of the preventive measures that could have been used, the level of the use of these preventive measures among the adolescents, the effectiveness or otherwise of these
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