The Social Cognitive Theory Of A Public Health Theory Essay

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Public Health Theory
Public health theories play a major role in the creation of interventions programs to change behaviors and promote health. This paper will apply the social cognitive theory and Bronfenbrenner 's model of human development to establish a program to prevent and discourage excessive alcohol use among Indiana University college students.
The social cognitive theory can be effectively used in the curbing of the excessive alcohol use that has been noted amongst the students of Indiana University College. The social cognitive theory, according to scholars in the social and behavioral sciences, is conceptualized by understanding only five constructs which are; knowledge, perceived self-efficiency, outcome expectations, goal formation and socio-structural factors.

Knowledge is an important aspect in curbing and promoting behavior and health. In regards to the problem identified among the students of Indiana University, the University should come up with a way of sensitizing the dangers of excessive drinking to the students. This might through seminars or inviting a once upon a time alcoholic to give a speech on his past occurrences. We all that the power of knowledge is to create awareness. Therefore, once the students get to know of the consequences of excessive drinking they might look for ways of how to stop drinking. This is not certain as goes old adage that knowledge is

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