The Social Commentary And Style Within Fahrenheit 451

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With gains comes loss. As the world becomes to tear apart, so do the inhabitants. With this imperfection comes the meaning of life. Through all the flaws, man’s perfection and ability to succeed appears. Man is given the choice of good over evil and love over hatred. Without the ability to choose, the freedom of life dissipates. There are many genres of writing that authors utilize, but the dystopian genre stands out the most. Dystopias take what is wrong with a modern society and emphasize it in the work. The authors of dystopian stories places the problem in a possible alternate universe. It makes the current course of action worse than it actually is, to foreshadow issues towards a misguided society while warning citizens to rebel against things similar to a overcontrolled society. These literary works have detailed imagery and great use of diction while also emphasizing the dark society to show the readers that the people think their society is perfect but it is actually the opposite.
Part 1: The Social Commentary and Style within Fahrenheit 451
First off, an example of dystopian literature is Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. In the novel, Bradbury illustrates a society without the freedom of intellectual thinking from literature and replaces it with artificial entertainment. People in the society lack compassion or quality of a meaningful life, leaving most of them unsatisfied or depressed. One of the main characters in the novel, Mildred, is an overall example of the
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