The Social Consequences of Learning Differences Essay

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Learning differences have become an observed issue amongst teachers, parents, and mental-health professionals across America. Recently medical scientists have identified numerous different mental illnesses which range from simple dyslexia to bipolar syndrome. Amongst these professionals, there are many different theories questioning whether these illnesses should be treated, how they should be treated, and at what age children should receive such treatment. If these ailments are not addressed at an early enough age where children can be worked with, these children will ultimately suffer throughout school and into their adult lives. Through different studies taken across the country, it is known that learning…show more content…
It is very hard for a child to learn when they suffer from an ailment which they cannot control. Children can be labeled, secluded, and criticized when they can not grasp the same simple skills and understandings that other children can. When such actions occur, children withdraw themselves from society and fight out of a corner as anyone would when put in the same situation. There is also a connection between children with language learning disabilities and a child’s social skills. When children are not able to communicate with their peers, their social skills dwindle. This social dwindling is not limited to one of the types of disabilities mentioned earlier, however, the manner in which children are not social can vary. For example a child with autism can find it excruciating to communicate with his or her peers and parents for that matter. ‘“SHOULD I FOLLOW you in the car?” my husband, Karl, asks worriedly. “We’ll be fine,” I say confidently. J’s waiting patiently at the trolley stop. Karl’s worries aren’t unfounded. Because J can’t communicate functionally, he gets frustrated easily. Add to that his hypersensitivity to stimuli, and we never know what will happen…The clanging of the bell, which sounds so quaint
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