The Social Construction Of Black Female Sexuality

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As a Sociology major, I am learning to understand both broad and narrow social phenomena, concerns and problems, and in doing so, they integrate the findings of other social science disciplines. One of the many social phenomena’s I have been interested in during my time at Kingston University is discussing sex and gender. Primarily, Judith Butlers ‘performativity’ explains how ‘females’ and ‘males’ gendered roles are performed naturally through a routinely stylized behavior and how gender exist only because it is being acted out and performed. Furthermore, Simone de Beauvoir’s, The Second Sex hugely became an influential book during the second wave feminism, which involved sexuality, family, workplace, reproductive rights, etc. In her book, women are perceived as the “other,” as a default sex. She distinguishes sex and gender and states that gender is gradually acquired. Lastly, I will explore sexuality briefly and Annecka Marshall’s study of the social construction of black female sexuality, and how women control how they are perceived and negotiate their sexual selves.


I believe it is important to understand that gender and sex can not be used interchangeably because in doing so, not only is it incorrect but it means, as humans, we’re born, assigned a sex and then sent out to live a life that was chosen for us, which is definitely not the case. Because gender is flexible and never fixed, gender is questionably performed through an…
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