The Social Construction Of Gender

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Caren Kamel
SOCI 243
October 13, 2015

RCG Midterm Question 3
In the reading “The social Construction of Gender” by Judith Lorber she describes how gender is socially constructed. Sex is the biological difference while gender is the social and cultural meanings attached to femininity and masculinity (lecture). From the time that a child is born the doctor assigns it a gender, girl or boy, depending on its genitalia. In the reading “Naming All the Parts” it focused on how when doctors view genitalia to decide the gender they say there is a penis or there is no penis, no acknowledgment of the vagina. Gender construction begins when we start using gender markers such as naming a child a certain name, dressing it in certain colors such as pink or blue, and giving it gender based toys such as dolls for girls and cars for boys. As we get older we learn to behave in ways that are associated with hegemonic masculinity or exaggerated femininity (lecture). We are also expected to have specific careers based on our gender. Due to gender stratification, which is the ranking of the sexes in such a way that women are unequal in power, resources, and opportunities (lecture),women are more likely to have lower paying jobs, take care of children, and keep up with housework. At the same time men can earn more working the same job. We become who we become in response to the social forces relevant to society (lecture). Gender is socially constructed, but the function of gender in
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