The Social Construction Of Gender

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Imagine a piece of matter that continually changes its shape. This piece of matter goes unnoticed by everyone, even though it is constantly present. Now imagine this piece of matter as the definition of gender and gender norms. Judith Lorber wrote an essay called, "The Social Construction of Gender." The essay was included in the textbook, "Women 's Lives." A textbook written by Gwyn Kirk and Margo Okinawa Rey. “Women’s Lives” is a Feminist focused compilation of essays. As well as, cultural analysis of women globally. Lorber is one of many authors who wrote essays regarding gender for “Women’s Lives. Lorber argues gender constantly changes due to social interaction. A society will define gender norms for functionality. As
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The use of logical reason is effective in giving readers a believable argument. Lorber illustrates her conclusion point by point. Lorber introduces a specific subject, in relation to gender construction. Then uses step by step reasoning to rationalize her main point. Each point—as one part of a series of other points—directly leads the reader to Lorber’s conclusion. This allows Lorber to show the reader her ideas are based in reality. Each assertion is explained by the point before it. The reader is able to see the reasoning behind Lorber’s point of view and understand exactly how she arrived at her conclusion. Lorber’s ideas then become believable.
Lorber introduces her main idea. She stated why the issue is significant and/ or interesting. Then, explains her rationale behind the solutions for the issue, threading one idea to the one after it. If no solution is warranted, Lorber describes the most likely outcome of concurrent events. She then explains how these concurrent event cause and affect one another. Lorber shows her rationale in the connection of stated points to make her work believable to readers. She also includes quotes and statements from other authors. These quotes and statements add to the reader’s believability and creditability of her work.
Technique 3: Citing Other Authors
Lastly, the third technique use is appeals to authority. Lorber cites statements and ideas in her work from other published authors.
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