The Social Construction Of Reality

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Dinan Guan Tom Hannan W 1PM Social Stratification Most people are unaware of the social construction of reality. This is the process through which truth and knowledge are “discovered, made known, reaffirmed, and altered by the members of a society (Newman 29).” One main component of any society is the way individuals are organized and how these organizations cause them to interact with each other. This classification, or social stratification, is based on class, race, and gender. Although they are contrasting concepts, class, race, and gender are interconnected systems of power and inequality. It is not the categories themselves that cause resources and opportunities to be distributed differently, but rather the meanings people attach to them. Social order is a product of human activity. Once someone has a belief about the world, everything that person experiences will serve to support that belief. This is called reflexivity, which “provides grounds for absolute faith in the validity of knowledge (Mehan 54).” The belief is called an incorrigible proposition, which is reflexively reinforced through experience. If evidence is offered that an incorrigible proposition is incorrect, one will provide some sort of excuse in order to preserve his or her belief. This is called secondary elaboration of belief. Because of this ‘loop,’ the belief system is always going to be coherent for the person holding the incorrigible proposition. Reality is interactive, meaning that it is
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