The Social Construction Of Reality

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What internalizes the values, norms, and beliefs by an individual that also allows them to function as a member of society? Is it really human nature, or does it depend on agents of socialization? Most importantly, why is society the way it is? Society is developed through a number reasons, including a combination of an understanding of needs and wants of others as well as oneself, the influences on others, and social interactions. The significance of the Social Construction of Reality in contemporary society depends on the limits of socialization, theories of socialization, agents of socialization, social interactions, and the social construction of reality. Socialization is mainly an unconscious process when a newborn child learns the values, beliefs, rules and regulations of society or grows into the “norms” of the culture in which they are born. Socialization includes three different processes of learning such as cognitive, affective, and evaluative. Similarly, socialization involves the knowledge of how and why things are the way they are and the establishment of emotional connections between members of society. In other words, Socialization holds everyone accountable to do their duties in society. Families are known to be the most influential agents of socialization to the young. The other groups which form and shape other individuals depends on one’s social status and their involvement. Social influences is what makes socialization complex and a slow process. It is
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