The Social Context Of Academia

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College is one of the memorable experiences of one’s life. It is where we learn how to navigate life, explore new opportunities, and make new friends. However, for some people this wonderful experience never happens. Instead, it turns out to be a nightmare that haunts them for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this nightmare is not an isolated event that happens rarely as research claims that the college women of today are five times more likely than other women to be sexually assaulted. (Martin, 2015) Yes! The focus of this paper is one of the most sensitive but urgent issues that needs to be address- campus rape. This paper will explore how the social context of academia plays a huge role in the dynamics of accelerating rape on campus along with providing some rape preventive strategies. In her study, Patricia presented how the interplay of two levels of campus context promotes sexual assault on campus. Firstly, she defines an external environment consisting of the academic institution as a definite form of political, social, and economic context. Secondly, she describes an internal environment including affluent fraternities and athletic groups.(2015) In these groups, practices of aggression and sexual exploitation of women are rewarded and embedded as a part of organizational cultures. Together these frameworks provide men with a collective privilege to exploit women on campus without any serious consequence. An important dimension of the external
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