The Social Contract By Jean- Jacques Rousseau

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The Social Contract by Jean- Jacques Rousseau can be seen as the foundation of the American political system. This is only true if the state believes to only serve the will of the people and that they are the full political power. They are the ones who give the power, or take away the power. I think that this is relevant when Rousseau brings up the general will and the will of all. Before I go into that I think it is important to go through the difference between what the general will is and the will of all. The general will is the will of the sovereign, it aims at the common good and it is expressed in the laws. The will of all is simply what we get when we add up everything that each individual wants. From this, I think that we are able to recognize the general will from the will of all by saying the general will is the will of the people in their position as a sovereign and the will of all is the will of the people in their position as citizens. Although it seems that it is easy to distinguish between the two, it is hard to make it clear through the political system. Rousseau believes that they can be determined through the popular vote, although he gives indication of whether the results of a certain popular vote in the end represents the general will or the will of all, and this leads to the question he even presents in The Social Contract, can the general will be wrong? The distinction of the general will versus the will of all is important because it…
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