The Social Contract Theory

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The social contract theory is the belief that people live in a society with an unwritten and socially accepted contract for a relationship between the people and their government. The people follow certain rules to protect themselves from violence and the like. The government in turn enforces those rules. In the absence of a social contract, the state of nature exists which citizens actions are governed by personal morals and beliefs. In any social contract people vest their rights to the authority, or the state with the expectation of receiving protection and justice in return from the state. The people are willing to vest their rights because in a complex society only the political government. It is morally justified agreement made among an individual through which an organized society is brought in to existence. It is meant to recognize and demonstrating the value of government, it obliges citizens or individual to respect and obey the state in exchange of stability and security which can be provided only by a system of political rule. Every individual vest their rights and entered into a contract means to say that each man has obligation to do something in returned. Philosophers got their own theories (Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau, and others) from the way of seeing the social contract. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, and David Hume are some of the most famous philosophers on the notion of the social contract and the ideal political society. Their arguments pertaining
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