The Social Corporate Responsibility Of The Brand

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Background Information During the last decade, Apple Inc. has changed the rules of the electronic portable devices and computers and has developed a new way of living by merging our daily needs with their devices through an amazing sort of products, which mix design and functionality (Heracleous, 2013). The company Apple Inc. wants to go one step ahead and has developed a new payment service that allows the customers to make their payments through an iPhone, iPad or the new device Apple Watch without an intermediary. They use the wireless connection NFC (Near Field Communication) that with a “single-touch” permits the consumers to realize all their payments in a fast and secure way (Mallat, 2007). The social corporate responsibility of…show more content…
There had been a lot of improvements in the field of payments at stores and through Internet. New innovative systems have achieved a high level of use and they have become very helpful for consumers in their daily lives. Appendix 1 outlines the framework of factors impacting the mobile payment services market (Dahlberg et al., 2008). Each time more, cash payments have decreased and consequently, the rise of Pay Pal company which is offering a secure and fast way of paying online has produced a new situation for this market where Apple Pay has started. Appendix 2 outlines a visual timeline of m-payment technology evolution and the related technology innovations (Lui et al., 2015). Since the beginning of the smartphones era, they have been increasing their presence in our lives each time more becoming a special form of electronic payment (Gerhardt et al., 2010). There are external issues, which could affect the process. Appendix 3 outlines the details of PESTLE analysing. Competitive overview Apple Pay has different competitors in the field of their activity. Google Wallet is their direct rival in the mobile wallet services. Pay Pal is the company that has increased more since their start and other companies like ISIS, Pay Diant’s Wallet or Square Wallet are also present in the market. Another competitors more known are the credit cards that will fight against Apple Pay for being the most used way of paying in stores in the following years. VISA, Master Card
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