The Social Determinants Of Health

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Health Promotion is an important aspect among health and the wellbeing of individuals. In order to solve the challenges facing nutrition and food practice, health promotion is way to allow individuals and the community to increase and take control over their health. The concept of Health promotion examines the implications of food and health, ethics and diversity in food and nutrition. It is very meaningful to many individuals who lack support or facing challenges because it allows professionals to show awareness. In the article “Social Determinants of Health” by Dennis Raphael explains that Canadians have developed health promotion and population health concepts that direct attention to various social determinants of health (D, Rapheal, 2004, p 1). This shows that Health Promotion can indeed address some of the social determinants of health such as low income and social status, education, employment, child development, health services, and culture. The social determinant of health has an effect on Canadian Health, and government and community services should ensure everyone has access to education and support to ensuring healthy lifestyles.

According to the article “A new appraisal of the concept of health” based on the Bangkok charter, states that Health Promotion offers a positive inclusive concept of health as determinant of the quality of life and mental and spiritual well-being (M. O’Neill, A. Pederson et al ., 2007, p 27). For instance, health promotion can start

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