The Social Determinants Of Health

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Education has a significant correlation on health outcomes. The following presented case study will demonstrate how the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) directly impacts health status. As described in Appendix A, Mrs. Smith is a 68-year-old female who was diagnosed with type I diabetes mellitus 37 years ago. She presented in hospital with a pressure ulcer on her left foot, which has increasingly worsened and become necrotic in certain areas. She has had uncontrolled blood glucose levels for many years and often does not prescribe to her medication schedule “because it doesn’t really work anyways.” She has a long history of neuropathy resulting from her poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. She also has difficulty understanding the…show more content…
According to the Canadian facts, when an individual has a higher education, they have improved health outcomes. This is often related to the fact that education increases income, employment, and provides improved job security. Education also produces enhanced literacy. Education allows for individuals to have an improved comprehension of the societal aspects that influence their health. Furthermore, by having improved education, a patient can advocate for their health, implement healthier lifestyle choices and seek out appropriate resources to enhance their health. The literature also demonstrates that poor education is equated with increased hospitalization stays, the use of emergency services and reduced medication compliance (Mikkonen, & Raphael, 2010). Recommendations for Change at Level of the Healthcare Provider The recommendations for change to practice at the level of the provider would include first treating the underlying problem that Mrs. Smith was admitted for. According to the literature, a progressively worsening diabetic foot ulcer requires implementing a multitude of strategies to prevent amputation of the limb. Adequate wound management, including debridement if required, and offloading techniques should be instilled for Mrs. Smith. Furthermore, education by the provider would be of critical importance for Mrs.

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