The Social Determinants Of Health

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“Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people have a greater amount of disadvantage and significantly more health problems than the non-Aboriginal & Torres strait Islander population in Australia” The social determinants of health Health as a whole is determined by the quality of life, as well as an individuals’ ability to create personal positive social and physical environments. These environments include homes, schools, workplaces and the community as a whole. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO, 2003), the social determinants of health are conditions in which people live, work, and grow, where these factors are influenced by money, power and available resources. There are five main aspects of social determinants: economic stability, social/community health, general health, education, and the surrounding built environment, where each determinant refers to multiple key issues. These determinants commonly affect health, the functioning of people, their quality of life, as well as social, economic and physical risks. Examples of social determinants include: Economic stability Health/healthcare Education Surrounding built environments Social health - Poverty - Employment - Food security - Housing stability - High school graduation - Higher education - Literacy - Social cohesion - Civic participation - Discrimination - Access to healthcare - Access to primary care - Health literacy - Access to health resources - Quality of housing Table 1: Examples of social

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