The Social Development And Improvement Of Living Quality

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With the social development and improvement of living quality, medical model has began to pay more to human physiology and psychology, natural comfort of medical environment has been more valued, and human-centered hospital environment has become a development trend of modern hospital landscape design. Therefore, it is significant to use environmental functions of hospital as a kind of therapeutic tool to meet patients’ physical and psychological needs, and create human-centered hospital environment. However, boring grayish white has long been the dominant colour for all spaces in hospital, designers have neglected the influence of colour on patience’ psychological and physical conditions. In public spaces such as hospital, reasonable application of colour is closely related to patients’ psychological and physical health. Visual sense is regarded by psychologists as the first feeling of human beings, and colour is the most influential factor of visual sense. Objectively speaking, colour is a kind of stimulation and symbol for human; subjectively, it is a kind of reaction and behaviour. Human behaviours are influenced by colour because they are always dominated by emotions, and physiological feelings are easily influenced by psychological feelings are easily influenced by psychological process. Colour acts on human eyes via visual sense, consciousness, emotion, and then memory, thinking, will and symbol. Then, the action is read by brain, associates people with and reflects
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