The Social Development Of Laylahni 's Moral Development

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18 Years
1. Laylahni appears to have great social development. During adolescence, there were times she was bullied for being physically undeveloped. However, it seems that she just developed later than her peers. Laylahni seems to have developed strong emotional connections. Laylahni has a boyfriend whom she has been dating for over a year, and she has her best friend that she has been best friends with since she was eight years old. Additionally, Laylahni is continuing down the same advanced cognitive path. She has been accepted to many prestigious universities with scholarships. Lastly, Laylahni’s moral development may have been tested during adolescence, but I would not consider her moral development to be bad.
2. These pathways were easily predicted because Laylahni’s development has been quite consistent. Socially, however, the pathways were not quite as predictable. When Laylahni was younger she had social difficulty making friends and having social interactions with peers her same age. She would always reach out to the adult in the room. I assume this is because of her attachment to me, so when not with me she would stay with the authority in the room. Although this was a major issue when she was younger, now it is clear this is no longer an issue because she has made a best friend, and she has become a much more social person. Cognitively, her development was very much predictable. In Laylahni’s 1st grade report card, she demonstrated strengths in mathematics,

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