The Social Discrimination Of Women

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The social discrimination that individuals face today was built on a foundation that men had created long ago. We are indeed very oblivious to the patriarchy and prejudice we are surrounded by because we are accustomed to what our parents and guardians believed in while growing up. Their ideologies are embedded into our brains thus leading us to unknowingly spread false information and make assumptions based off of those thoughts. A few examples would be the worldwide belief that men shouldn’t cry or that men should be the individual in control. On top of that, with these beliefs, many men refuse to report incidents like rape because they are afraid of what others may think. When infants are born, they are assigned a gender based on what the genitalia look like at birth which was stated by author Judith Lorber, in Night to His Day (Lorber 55). In today’s society, individuals are free to express themselves and gender how ever they desire, but a few conservative, as well as traditional mindsets believe otherwise. Going back to more traditional times, patriarchy was a common thing. During a poll asked by Professor Revilla in my Women’s Studies class, which stated: “Which race of men do you believe to be more patriarchal?” The students were given the options of: Black/African-American, White, Hispanic, Native-American or Asian. As the poll was coming to an end, I had noticed the similarities between the ratio of the answers given for each race and the race of the students in
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