The Social Downfall Of The Internet And Social Media Essay

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Alexis Williams
ENC 1101 – 310
1 November 2016
The Social Downfall Before the internet and social media came to be, people went to their friends’ houses, faced problems head on or quietly to themselves, and catfish was a food. Here in the 21st Century, with the help of Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people prefer to be in front of a screen rather than going out into the world to do something more productive with their lives. People rely on social media to keep themselves occupied throughout the day. Some, more than others, use social media as a place to vent about their lives and all of the problems that he or she may be facing rather than using it as a past time. Thus, making it easier for other people to create drama by posting things about others over the internet or possibly bully someone else online. Also, due to teens putting more information about themselves than necessary on these sites, it gives sexual predators who also heavily interact with others over the internet the ability to use the information gathered against the possible target. The information put out online can give those kinds of people ways to produce different methods to kidnap or manipulate the youth they interact with. Over the last six years, social media has grown to be used as the main form of social contact and as an information broker. Even though social networking can open opportunities and assist in building connections with people, it does not improve communication and
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