Essay on The Social Dynamics of the Weight Room

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The Social Dynamics of the Weight Room
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As I walk down the streets of Hollywood, I can’t help but notice all the billboards advertising numerous products. The symbols of these products are beautiful young people with rock hard, chizzled bodies. It is interesting to note what defines a female as beautiful and a male as beautiful. The females seem to look extremely thin with tight arms, stomachs and buttocks’. These models for “Levi’s” or “Banana Republic” don’t have all the curves, but look feminine in a rather boyish manner. When viewing males on these billboards, you will notice that they are often times cut, trim, and more curvy than the female. They commonly shave their bodies for companies like “J-Crew”
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Immediately my thought process jumped into competition. I couldn’t come in looking so small and insignificant. I needed to bulk up and cut up my muscles. Of course I heard the rumors that lifting at a young age could stunt my growth, so I didn’t really lift heavily until my junior year in high school. Still, I was never really able to put on the weight I desired to compete with the bodies in the weight room and to mold myself into the images that I saw on billboards in L.A. So, I decided to lift for sports…baseball and football. But, as I left the arena of the sports world after my sophmore year of college, I needed a new reason to workout. That reason was for feeling good and attempting to look good.

Every year you hear and see commercials saying, “Start your New Year’s Resolution early…Join [Such and such] fitness today…Feel good and look good”! The people who represent the fitness centers are the most athletic, fit people you see. They are the model by which to look. I try not to play into what I would call the superficial world of looking good, but it happens to the best of us. It is part of our culture. It is a very strong way to define oneself as more masculine or more feminine. But, the lines of masculinity and feminity have somewhat merged. In the past it has been acceptable for females to be concerned with their looks and for males not to outwardly care as much. But, with the existence of weight rooms, it
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