The Social, Economic, and Political Implications of the Conquest and Colonization of the Americas

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The history of the conquest and colonization of the Americas is very complex. The social, economic, and political issues and circumstances that took place many years ago are the foundation of who America is today. Most Americans do not realize how many people were affected by immigration, or understand the real struggles and sacrifices that the indigenous people and the colonists made for the freedoms we have today. During these historical events, many cultural, social, and economical events were impacted. Historical Contributions or Achievements The first American inhabitants are believed to have migrated from Asia about 18,000 years ago. Many societies were built, and civilizations were formed by the Aztec, Olmec, Mayan,…show more content…
Meanwhile, many people were killed or running for their lives. In1924, when the Border Patrol was created, immigration was never viewed the same again. In 1929, the Stock Market crash, which was the start of the great depression, and ended in 1941 with America's entry into World War II. There were many other life changing events that have impacted the world not listed here, but with these political, economical, and territorial changes, there comes displacement, poverty and many other social changes, also. These changes are still impacting America today. (Carter, 2005). Impact on Cultural Identity The cultural of indigenous and immigrant people have been greatly impacted by America’s historical events. The descendants of Spain and Mexico immigrants have since been subjected to many cultural struggles. Today, many Chicano Americans do not know their heritage, or do not identify with their ancestors. Traditions and customs are lost from one generation to the other. Many victories were won in the name of Religion. Religion has also played an important role in the history of America. The colonists came to America in order to have religious freedom, yet they imposed their religion on the indigenous peoples. The colonists had religion in common; they identified themselves as “Christians”. The indigenous peoples were viewed by colonists as savages, and to try to civilize them. Many were killed, chased from their land, or taken into slavery (Noriega, 2010).
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