The Social Effects Of Fraud And Corruption In South Africa

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South African’s have seen corruption in all forms. The abuse or misuse of power or authority over another for personal gain is known as Corruption. (Department, 2013). Corruption can take place in forms such as bribery, embezzlement and favoritism, these forms may take place in any of the levels of authority of school systems, corporate companies and in the government (Department, 2013). Fraud is the illegal and purposeful omission of information used for personal gain. There are many forms of fraud such as financial fraud and identity fraud. (Minnaar, 2000)

South Africa has experienced many occurrences of fraud and corruption in the recent years (Tracey, 2015). In addition to the amount of corruption, most of it is unreported and therefore being no punishment. (Brink, 2015) However President Jacob Zuma was brought to court for the R246 million of the taxpayers money that he used on Nkandla (News24Wire, 2015). The social effects of this, is a deep lack of trust and faith towards the ANC and the
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The youth of today make use of the technology readily available to them to create awareness and protests online for the whole world to see such as the #MyHandsAreClean campaign against corruption (Watch, 2015). The youth of today should follow the law and encourage others to do the same as this will raise awareness (Tracey, 2015). The final suggestion for the youth is to join the Anti-Corruption Organisations of South Africa to participate in the eradication of corruption and fraud. (Department, 2013)

To conclude, there are many methods in which South Africa can be rid of corruption and fraud, but steps need to be taken to ensure that the whole of corruption and fraud is completely gone from the system in which it has been thriving on for many years. The youth of today and the government need to work together in order to save the country for the future

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