The Social Evils Of Arranged Marriage In India

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Since the beginning of time, marriage has been a big part of every culture in the world. Specifically, marriage in which the groom’s and bride’s family choose their partner for them has been the most popular and relevant. That is until, the 18th century. Although, arranged marriage has been so dominant and convenient for starting a family, the process is outdated and against women’s natural rights. This organized marriage system is still very present in today’s world and is especially prevalent in India. There’s significant reasons behind why many other countries have ditched this unfair marriage system. For example, countries in the western hemisphere and some even in Europe have alternative systems. The arranged marriage process should be changed or revised in a way it does not infringe on women’s rights. Arranged marriage in general is present in countries throughout eastern Europe, Middle-East, and Asia, but India is the biggest culprit. “55% of all marriages in the world are arranged by parents and family, while in India this statistic goes as high as 88.4%.”(Swati) India has believed in this process of marriage throughout its history as a country and although on the outside arranged marriage looks fine considering India’s rich culture and low divorce rates, it can be viewed as a social evil. This is due to women and men alike not having a say in their partner. The parents and families of the person who is getting married select their bride and groom for them.

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