The Social Experience On-Campus or The Privacy of Living Off Campus

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My best friend, Michael, and I were recently shopping around trying to determine where we were going to live starting in the fall next school year. We both spent this last semester on campus to fulfil Georgia Southern’s first-year requirement and both of us would be quick to agree that it definitely had its pros and cons. Before we started, we sat down and took a look at what on-campus and off-campus housing had to offer using a cost-to-benefit ratio. While living on-campus is great in the fact that you are able to walk to class faster, you are located closer to the meal hall, and you have the ability to go to the library without searching for a parking spot; due to the tolls it takes financially, socially, and personally in regards to…show more content…
Sock on the doorknob or not, it’s still not cool. Furthermore, this obligatory social behavior can certainly lead to an impediment upon your schoolwork and grades. Several studies performed by the Office of Research and Evaluation of the University of California concluded that students who live on-campus are approximately 50% more likely to skip class due to socializing than their fellow classmates who live off-campus (Office of Research and Evaluation). By living in the dormitories a student has easier access to distracting influences. You are only a stone’s throw from the meal halls, only a short distance to the gym, and only a few floors from your friend’s room. Many would argue and say that living off-campus during freshman year of college is irresponsible. They would like to argue that being surrounded by people 24/7 is beneficial to the “college experience”. They would like to argue that there is a greater overall satisfaction in the students living on-campus as opposed to off-campus. They will even try to argue that on-campus residents are more likely to be involved in co-curricular activities and use campus facilities. As Ernest Boyer observed some years ago, over a hundred hours of a week is spent outside of classes and studying; and use of facilities and participation in co-curricular events rounds out and augments what is learned in the classroom and further

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