The Social Factors Of A Young White Female Essay

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Donald Trump has recently been elected president of the United Sates, a choice that created an environment open to racism and sexism. The middle class is shrinking and there is an increasing gap between class levels. Technology is also creating another problem within society in regards to the socialization of children. But how do these social factors effect a young white female in a middle class family, who is attending a scholarly university? Social factors and issues impact many individual’s life chance’s, including, my own. Although social factors and issues effect some people more drastically than others, these effects can be both, positive or negative therefore effecting all, positively or negatively. When analyzing my own life chances and opportunities, they are directly reflected through larger social forces and issues. These life chances are shown through education, travel, and career path. These chances created positive effects through out my life, allowing for greater opportunities. These social factors and issues will always be present, and pressing positive or negative effects on future life chances, and shaping opportunities. In this essay I will demonstrate how my life chances were effected, and reflected through three large social forces. Social factors that have effected my life chances, and positive opportunities are, social class, race and ethnicity, and socialization. These three social factors are reflected in my life chances and the reason why I was
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