The Social Horror Of Child Abuse

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Delila Escamilla Kevin Leaverton Informative Essay 03/03/2015 Child Abuse Introduction One of the worst and the most inhuman crimes discussed by the civic societies is child abuse because of the serious impacts of this evil on the victim as well as the society as a whole. Children are vulnerable to abuses of various kinds and magnitudes as their exposure to unsafe conditions at households, schools or other organized groups are generally free from the social surveillance and the perceived moral justice norms. Although the number and frequency may vary with the differences in legislature and cultural standards among the societies, each case of child abuse is a direct hit on the face of the constitutional prestige of every country. The social horror of child abuse should be prevented by the strict enforcement of laws by the concerned authorities with the association of the conscious public to protect the innocence of children. Law for Child and Child Abuse Child abuse is a multi-dimensional issue which requires the greatest amount of attention by the law of the land. The very fact that every child is the promise of today for the development of a country emphasizes the need for framing and implementing strict laws to protect the life and dignity of every child. In order to understand the legal prospects of child abuse, there must be clear definitions to the status of an individual as a child. This concept is instrumental in guaranteeing the constitutional rights and
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