The Social Ills Of Caribbean Society

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Name: Esther Donovan
SOCI1002: Introduction to Sociology
Essay Topic: “Matrifocality underpins the social ills in Caribbean society”. Discuss in relation to the relevant theoretical perspectives and the traditional and emergent role of the family in the contemporary Caribbean.

The family has been described as the cornerstone of society. Denise Fyffe puts it as the birthplace of society and is the most basic economical, political, and social unit. In fact, anthropological studies have indicated that the family has existed in every known society. Based on evidence gathered by George Peter Murdock, he concluded that the family is universal. It is within the family that individuals first learn the value of work and the worth of their
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One of the basic and irreducible functions which remain in the domain of the family is socialization. Therefore, socialization is important in the family structure and the emerging trend of matrifocal families which is plaguing the Caribbean society, has been associated with the increasing social ills or increasing crime rate in the Caribbean region.
In the matrifocal family or household, the functionalists and George Peter Murdock spoke of one of the roles of the family was providing economic support. In the traditional that is also known as the nuclear family, men or fathers are expected to be the bread winner and disciplinarian, while the mother provide emotional care for the family. Because of the absence of men in the family the role of the mother has changed making her the bread winner, the disciplinarian, added to her role. Conflict theory explains the
Increase change in the family structure in the Caribbean region. Why are single parent families so common in the Caribbean today? Some of the reasons for a single parent household are because of the death of one of the parent; the separation of one of the parents through conflict, desertion, migration, legal separation and divorce; deliberate choice to rear children in the absence of the other parent; and adoption. For whatever the reason, much responsibility
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