The Social Impact of E-Commerce

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Nowadays customers like to do their shopping at their own comfort peacefully at home. E-commerce allows the customer to do this as products are displayed and described to the user before the purchase has been made. However this boost in e-commerce has affected the society both positively and negatively.
Changing Customer Perspectives
When it comes to making purchases online customers straight away think about whether the transaction is secure or not, this is one of the main problem e-commerce business face. Customers having a bad experience sometimes publish it as review on the website or local newspapers warning other customers this is known as scare stories as they persuade customers not to go through with the transaction or the customer is scared that they may go through the same experience.
E-commerce companies can battle these stories by ensuring they provide the following,
• Security: - e-commerce business must ensure that their website is secure because this is one of the main reasons why customers are unsure of going ahead with their transaction. There are plenty of ways the website can be secure some of them being that they use a secure socket or even using PayPal as their payment system. Ensuring that the website is secure will encourage the user to go ahead with the transaction.
• Service: - if the e-commerce website offer additional services such…
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