The Social Impacts Of Technology's Impact On Society

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The Social Impacts of Technology Technology obviously has an impact on society but its impact can be negative or positive. As a matter of fact, it has major influences on our daily lives. It influences the growth of the economy, our culture and our living standards. Technology today controls the world, from creating advancements in how we communicate, travel, and interact throughout the world. Over “77 million people use social media like Instagram (Luong,A)” to post a picture of their meal before they can eat, while millions of people use Facebook as the most convent way to communicate with friends, and you can’t even move from one place to the other without using some form of technology like “55% of those who own a smart phone or a smart car. (Luong,A) “ One positive effect of technology that has had great impact upon society is Automotive inventions and mechanical evolution. Before machines were created everything had to be handmade. As an example, before automobiles were created many individuals had to use wagons for transportation. While the automotive industry did eliminate many jobs for those who needed individuals to make wagons, it created numerous job opportunities which helped our economy by including those worker in factories and on assembly lines to make todays vehicles. This obvious positive affect of technology which such huge revolutionizing changes with such inventions created the lives of everyday citizens and helping the future civilizations have means of faster and more efficient transportation . However, as is the case with any change, society had to reevaluate the traditions that had for so long been in place, creating a sense of tension and unrest for those not ready for the change. This is only one example of how technology has affected society. Not all technology is having a positive impact the “U.S has lost 5,000 jobs since 2000 due to the increase of productivity of the technological impacts in factories. (Luong,A)” Which increases the amount of poverty in the United States compared to the less advanced generations, but I believe this will eventually open more jobs for millennials who are getting degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, engineering, and Mathematics) based
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